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venerdì 19 marzo 2010

My first felt softie: the blue whale. ENGLISH VERSION

This is the original project of my first felt softie: a blue whale. I posted it on Crafster some days ago.
You can see the blue whale in the picture with a clownfish and an octopus that I sewed later and blogged on (sorry - in italian for now, you can ask for instruction translation).

In this Scribd page you can find the pdf file with the free pattern of the whale:

Sewing this whale is very easy, I entirely completed the project in one evening:


- chose felt in two colours, one for the body and one for the belly; you also need some white felt for the "teeth" (baleen)

- print and cut the free pattern from the link upon. You can see it there:

- pin the paper pattern of the whale body on a double layer of felt and cut. Make the same thing with the teeth side.

- cut the belly, the teeth front and the back from a single layer of felt.

- sew on each body shape a button for the eye and a teeth side.

- sew the teeth front at the thicker end of the belly

- sew the belly to the inner side of a body shape, starting form the thinner end. The thicker end must be in corrispondence with the upper teeth side already sewed to the body.

- starting from here sew the back to the body,starting from the thicker end of the back, that wil be fixed to the thicker end of the belly and teeth front.

- sew the other body shape to the belly and the back, starting from the thinner end of the belly to the thinner end of the back and going on for the whole tail. Pay attention to the corrispondence between the two teeth sides!

-leave a hole and fill with the padding and than close.

Sorry for my english and good work! You can share your felt softies creations on this Flickr group:

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