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sabato 30 luglio 2011

CANDY CAMERA 2011. Photo-Contest for Children

Seeing With Their Eyes
Photo-Contest for Children

[A big BIG thank you to Laura ( for the translation from here. This translated post is dedicated to Melissa]

You can find below the rules of our contest - this year, for simplicity's sake, no more need to post the pictures on Flickr and Facebook:

1 - Give to your child (6 yo and younger) a camera and let him/her shoot all the pictures he/she wants. As you can see in the banner (courtesy of Pulce), the use of the wrist strap is strongly advised, to avoid unpleasant accidents ;-)

2 - Together with the photographer, choose the most significant picture (no editing please!), and let him/her decide on a title.

3 - Submit one photo for every little photographer via e-mail to by September 15th, 2011, specifying a title, and the name and age of the photographer. The pictures will be reduced to 800x600 pixels - 72 dpi and published on the blog pagededicated to the contest.

4 - If you have a blog or a Web site, please consider advertising the CANDY CAMERA contest as much as possible, with links etc., to contribute to its success. Word of mouth among parents at the beach, or everywhere else, is welcome too ;-)

5 - Winners will be determined through a poll on the blog, available from September 15th to 30th, 2011 (like last year).

6 - For every age range, the author of the winning photo will receive a small customized prize. See below the hand painted aprons and t-shirts given away for the previous edition.

Want to take a look at last year's winning photos? The photos of the other participants are also on display on this page.

Last but not least, remember that the spirit of the contest remains the same: the point here is not winning, but encouraging parents to observe the world from the perspective of their children.

That's why all submitted photos will remain on display on a dedicated page: e-mail your kids' photos to and they'll be published there.

Have a nice summer!


PS: my son Pulce, is suggesting 2 preliminary rules: do not take pictures at random and do not cheat. For a 5 years old, it works that way!

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